We believe in social responsibility, in an ethical vision of the company and in good practices connected to a positive impact on both the territory and the community. For this reason Bionap, in 2021, has decided to support the LEGAMBIENTE Catania project “ROAD TO PLAY“. It’s an initiative that includes many values ​​in which our entrepreneurial reality strongly believes: environmental sustainability, educating the younger generations, games and art at the service of culture, urban regeneration and support for schools. These are the places where the civil and moral conscience of young people is formed.

We want to leave a mark on our path of growth and development: the more our perspective becomes global, the more we feel the need to look at the territory in which Bionap is grafted and enhance it, support the active associations that are deeply involved to improve the context in where we live.
Thanks to the Laboriusa crowdfunding platform, which has been funding social and solidarity projects from the ground up for years on end – from voluntary associations to virtuous companies – always looking for collaboration and an exchange of experiences.

Thanks to this project we have funded a work that starts from school and flows into the streets of Catania, raising awareness on climate change, which allows the school “XX Settembre” and its neighborhood to interact. Legambiente volunteers will enter the classrooms of the Institute to talk to students and spread green culture and sustainable behaviors.

At the same time, creative workshops will be held to devise a message which will be the subject of a tactical urban planning action. The path will then end with the creation of graffiti by the young participants which will color the street in front of the school which Legambiente request has finally made car-free.
The initiative has the intent to enhance the urban space and in particular the one nearby the schools, which should be designed as a welcoming place but is often used inappropriately.

The aim of this plan is to set off long-term effects, such as improving air quality and the development of environmental awareness in children and adults, with a certain impact on the quality of their lives.

A pilot project that Bionap has decided to support in line with the corporate philosophy that revolves around the circular economy. We want to fully integrate sustainability into our business and to be an active part in the processes that generate social development. Nowadays the market is asking for more quality, product recognition and transparency of production cycles: we try to do our best every day, adding to our brand that social strength which is a fundamental part of our corporate value.


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