We treat others as we wish to be treated ourselves. Hence we reject any activity that may endanger individual safety. We banish any form of behavior that may favor or encourage such practices, as well as any exploitation or subjection of the individual.
We therefore provide a working environment free from any form of intimidation or harassment. We recognize that the protection of underage persons is of paramount importance. We carry out social support actions within the area surrounding our premises, helping care centers for blind people. We recognize and value the work of each individual.
BIONAP ensures the professionalism and expertise of its employees, who represent the key element to develop the company and build its credibility. Attributing a crucial role to human resources, BIONAP offers its employees and collaborators the same opportunities regardless of ethnicity, age, sex, religion or political beliefs.
Moreover, employees are required to read through the values and rules of the Code of Ethics and put them into practice in their daily work: they must act loyally and in good faith, availing themselves of the support of their Line Manager in case of doubts or queries concerning the application of the Code of Ethics itself. All employees must perform their duties in a transparent way and with a sense of responsibility, thoroughness and a spirit of cooperation towards colleagues and third parties.


BIONAP's reputation of integrity is based on its commitment to respect international and local laws. Compliance with the Code of Ethics does not simply mean adhering to a law or regulation; in fact, it requires holding ethical values. If, however, compliance with the Code of Ethics or with the principles and rules used to implement it leads to the infringement of local laws and regulations, the latter must always prevail and be observed.
BIONAP is fully engaged in the fight against all forms of corruption. Employees are not authorized to promise or offer any money, either directly or indirectly, in exchange for placing supply orders or so as to obtain economic benefits.
Employees, consultants or any third parties acting on behalf of BIONAP are not allowed to offer gifts to Italian or foreign managers, officers or employees of Public Administration or private sectors, unless they are of modest value or have been approved by the Management board. It is prohibited to allocate amounts received from State, EU or public authorities for purposes other than those for which the funds, grants or loans were intended for.


BIONAP's operations are conducted in order to respect the environment and comply with all applicable environmental laws, promoting energy efficiency and garbage sorting systems. BIONAP therefore commits to:

  • adhering to all applicable national and international environmental laws by fostering the development of low environmental impact technologies;
  • raising awareness among its personnel about the environmental impacts resulting from their actions. Moreover, BIONAP provides its employees with a working environment which ensures their health, safety and physical and moral integrity, in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

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